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My daughter is not a mainstream learner, and struggled especially hard in her high school math classes. Brett personalized the learning experience to her needs and made it interesting for her. She looked forward to her sessions with Brett and was able to absorb the material at a rate that was not possible in herContinue reading “Tom Masterson”

Tom Masterson

Brett was recommended by our child’s guidance counselor when she was having difficulty understanding Geometry. He discussed challenging math concepts to her in an easy to understandable way. Our child’s understanding was immediate and she was excited to understand it. Her grades improved significantly. We certainly would highly recommend Brett.

Parent of a Geometry student

Brett increased my daughter’s SAT scores by over 190 points and her ACT’s also. As a result, my daughter after already being accepted to her school of choice, just received notice that due to her increase in her test scores, she was granted their Presidential Scholarship. An additional $12,000.  Brett has been tutoring my daughterContinue reading “Stephanie B.”

Stephanie B.

Brett has been tutoring our 7th grade daughter in math for approximately 3 months. He has worked wonders in such a short period of time.  Our daughter’s math grades, and her confidence levels, have skyrocketed!

P. Decker

Mr. LaFave has been teaching my daughter math for many years. He has experience in several areas of math beginning at the basic, elementary school levels up to highly advanced college levels. His expertise extends to college level calculus and statistics. He also has extensive experience in high school physics, chemistry, and biology. Another areaContinue reading “S.M.”


My daughter was apprehensive and nervous but I think she gained some insight into the PSAT that she will be taking this Saturday….Brett offered many useful tips and hopefully my daughter will take them into consideration during her test.


SAT Prep - National Merit Scholarship