Mr. LaFave has been teaching my daughter math for many years. He has experience in several areas of math beginning at the basic, elementary school levels up to highly advanced college levels. His expertise extends to college level calculus and statistics. He also has extensive experience in high school physics, chemistry, and biology. Another area of specialty is SAT exam preparation.

In the beginning, Mr. LaFave prepares the curriculum to be covered over the course including lesson plans, homework to be assigned, and test evaluations to assess student’s knowledge in the particular subject. His interaction with the student is excellent as he teaches and encourages the student to achieve their greatest potential. His position as a mentor provides the guidance to help each and every student succeed.

Published by Brett LaFave

I am the founder of BL Tutoring. I teach math at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. I enjoy riding my bicycle and teaching kids to succeed on standardized tests. I have a dog named Willie.