Our tutors specialize in providing three types of academic services:

Academic/Executive Function Support:

We provide ongoing virtual tutoring with the goal of content mastery. While our main focus is math and science we are also able to provide support in other subjects.

What you can expect:

  • Easy, online scheduling with appointments synced through Google Calendar for easy access.
  • Individualized action plans including instructional notes, homework tips, and tips for study and task management.
  • Session notes (in .pdf form) emailed to students following meetings.
  • Focus on executive function building (organization, scheduling, communication skills…)

Student working on Advanced Regents Geometry online at Albany Academy, New York

Executive Function Coaching:

Organization – Time Management – Focus – Study Skills

We often find that what stands in the way of students achieving success is the mastery of specific skills that support their academic success. This was a challenge for many even before online learning, but has now become even more challenging without the reinforcement of in-class support.

In an initial consultation, we will identify the students current challenges and specific areas of focus. The students and tutor will co-create a plan that incorporates weekly work flow, study goals, and habit reinforcement. After the initial consultation, tutors will schedule brief weekly check-ins to help with accountability and troubleshooting problems if they should arise.

Executive function coaching can be coupled with our academic support services or offered independently.

What you can expect:

  • Easy, online scheduling with appointments synced through Google Calendar for easy access.
  • Initial consultation identifying individual student needs.
  • Individualized action plan with work flow management, study goals, and habit development tips.
  • Weekly check-ins to support action plan.
  • Session notes (in .pdf form) emailed to students following meetings.

Customized Test Preparation

Competence and confidence are the self-reinforcing attributes that are the keys to mastery. In our sessions we work with students to build a thorough understanding of test material and to develop absolute trust in their own abilities.  Over the years this approach has led our students to fantastic results! We have worked with several National Merit Scholarship recipients and have seen composite SAT scores improve by 300+ points.

Each of our programs begins with a TOTALLY FREE diagnostic test that establishes a student’s baseline score and identifies areas of potential improvement. Based on the results of the diagnostic test, we design a custom SAT plan for each student we work with. We will start out by identifying any possible “quick fixes,” either conceptual or strategic.  Then our focus will shift to strengthening foundational skills and working on progressively more complicated concepts.

Throughout our work we will discuss test-taking strategy and frequently tested topics. Our highest priority is to instill a positive mindset that is critical to achieving a successful outcome.

What you can expect:

  • Easy, online scheduling with appointments synced through Google Calendar for easy access.
  • Free diagnostic test establishing baseline score and initial focus areas.
  • Customized study materials and practice tests to identify and address focus areas.
  • Weekly sessions focusing on subject matter support and test-taking strategy.
  • Session notes (in .pdf form) emailed to students following meetings.


Academic Support Tutoring

Hourly Rate: $80/session

(or $60/half hour)

Pre-Paid Packages: Contact us with your unique academic goal and we will build a custom study package, at reduced rates!

10 hours @ $75/hour

20 hours @ $70/hour

Group Tutoring: For many students, working in groups can enhance learning as concepts are filtered through multiple peer perspectives and learning modalities. Plus, it is always more fun to learn with friends!

Groups of 2: $65 per student/session

Groups of 3: $60 per student/session

Groups of 4: $55 per student/session

One family’s story:
Brett increased my daughter’s SAT scores by over 190 points and her ACT’s also. As a result, my daughter after already being accepted to her school of choice, just received notice that due to her increase in her test scores, she was granted their Presidential Scholarship. An additional $12,000.  Brett has been tutoring my daughter in multiple subjects for the past 1 1/2 years. This has been the best gift I could have ever given my daughter.  She looks forward to learning through Brett. My sincere gratitude.

-Stephanie B., Parent
SAT Prep - National Merit Scholarship